ECOMED Workshop, 12.07.2017

The first workshop organized as part of the ECOMED Project on the topic of “Specialization Process for the Ecoengineering Sector in the Mediterranean Environment” was held on 12th July at Geing`s premises in Skopje. The purpose of this workshop, which was attended by a total of 15 representatives of the host and seven companies and institutions from Macedonia, was to introduce everyone to the Project, to discuss, make analysis, and reply to questionnaires in order to create clear picture of the current state and the conditions of the ecoengineering in the country. The analysis of the design, construction, training and company stages in the area of ecoengineering resulted with reports that will serve as starting point in preparation of the curriculum for the higher education institutions within the Mediterranean countries, which will be implemented under the ECOMED project.

ECOMED Workshop

ECOMED Workshop2

This project is co-funded by the ERASMUS + Programme of the European Union and will generate new tools to improve the possibilities of intervening in the landscape through techniques and approaches of bioengineering, taking into account the particularities of the Mediterranean region.

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