GEING @ Third Congress for Dams

13 - 16 June, 2013: Organized by the Association of Macedonian Committee of Large Dams in Struga, in the period 13 - 14.06.2013, took place the Third Congress for Dams. GEING took an active part on the Congress with presentation of two papers as follows:

1. ANALYSIS AND ASSESSMENT OF THE STABILITY AND THE FUNCIONALITY OF THE DAM LISICHE (MA Dragan Dimitrievski, Katerina Veleska,Biljana Gjorgjevikj, Atanas Strasheski and Kiril Nacevski)
2. CURRENT MAINTENANCE AND REHABILITATION OF DAM SLATINO (MA Dragan Dimitrievski,Boris Bogoevski,Atanas Strashevski, Hristijan Dimitrievski, Stole Jakimovski, Aristid Veta)