GEING - part of the project ECOMED

Geing Krebs und Kiefer, at the beginning of 2017 as specialized engineering company and sole participant from Macedonia took part of a scientific and research activities project called “Specialization Process for the Ecoengineering Sector in the Mediterranean Environment (ECOMED)”. The ECOMED project has a total of 14 stakeholders in 8 countries (Spain, Greece, Portugal, France, Italy, UK, Turkey and Macedonia), 5 universities, 1 research center, 1 technical institute and 7 small and medium sized enterprises, with Universidad Politecnica de Madrid as a coordinator.

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The ambition of this team is to improve the specialization level of the ecoengineering sector in Mediterranean areas, what is more, to create an enhanced syllabus that will be offered in the higher education centers. Within this context, the consortium of this project offers to provide a sound and practical knowledge based on the accumulated experience in order to offer to the next generation of practitioners and managers a solid and well suited training in ecoengineering restoration techniques in Mediterranean scenarios. This is needed because there is no specialized training offered in ecoengineering in most of the Mediterranean countries and there is a serious shortage of staff specialized in the technology enhanced restoration of degraded land in Spain, Greece, Portugal, Italy, Turkey and Macedonia.

This project is an initiative to advance the specialization process on landscape bioengineering, and to generate new alliances and dynamics in the sector, within the Mediterranean region. Its specific objectives are:

• To improve the design/calculation of Bioengineering Works
• To generate a suitable vegetation database for the Mediterranean region
• To improve the implementation/construction processes
• To improve the definition and planning of the monitoring of the works
• To improve the works analysis tools, to be more effective in restoration and rehabilitation.
• To improve the contents of the training offered related to landscape bioengineering

So, the EcoMed project will enhance bioengineering works at the different stages and phases: design/calculation, implementation/construction, monitoring, and education/training. This will be accomplished by implementing applied research works from 2017 till 2018. These works include the selection of a set of bioengineering tools and projects within the European Mediterranean region to further study and analyze them.

This project is co-funded by the ERASMUS + Programme of the European Union and will generate new tools to improve the possibilities of intervening in the landscape through techniques and approaches of bioengineering, taking into account the particularities of the Mediterranean region.

For more information on the EcoMed project you can visit:
Twitter: @ecomedbio
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