GEING will prepare a project for rehabilitation of the highway Negotino - D. Kapija

20 September, 2013: The Agency for State Roads signed an agreement with the company "Geing Krebs und Kiefer International" for preparation of project documentation for reconstruction and rehabilitation of the highway section Negotino - Demir Kapija with a length of 15.4 kilometers. For this purpose, are selected financial funds in the amount of 17.428.600 denars, or about 280 thousand euros. The deadline for preparation of the project is 10 months. The idea of reconstruction of the section Negotino – Demir Kapija is part of the extensive government project to rebuild the already constructed highway from the Pan-European Corridor 10 in Macedonia.

The construction of the line from Negotino - Demir Kapija was conducted in three phases in the period between year 2003 and 2005. The infrastructure grip was funded by the Phare program and Cards program of the European Commission. The total length of the highway sections of Corridor 10 that pass through the country is 172 km.